The secret saga set in Nottingham’s shadows

Several years ago, I learned of the developments in self-publishing and on-demand printing that are today fairly well-known. With decent computer skills, it’s possible to write and publish anything you wish, fact or fiction, and make it available on Google Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites among others.
Readers of the blog will not be surprised to learn that I have self-published several overtly Nottingham-themed articles and even a novellette that can be purchased through Amazon. What might be less predictable, though, is an urban superhero fantasy saga I have recently completed.

A cursory glance through some of the previous blog posts will quickly reveal that I have a fascination with lost and forgotten places, and these form a backdrop to the tale in question. I have loosely described it as ‘Harry Potter in a hoodie’ when asked, and I think this is a reasonable shorthand for the story. The three books that comprimise the trilogy are Orphi and the Shadowpaths, The Shadow of the Grey Gargoyle, and Night Rise.

Nottingham city centre (and even the suburbs) feature in the saga, though in the interests of keeping things universal I have demured from giving the name. Local urban history hunters, though, will doubtless recognise the descriptions of the old subway, certain narrow streets, the multi-storey car park a short distance from the market place, and the coffee shop near the old library. Despite these familiar and commonplace settings, it’s a strange and at times quite melancholy story of ancient magic, dark secrets, and interferring adults.

I have only just launched Night Rise, which is the third and final part of the tale, and it feels very emotional for me. The end of a project can sometimes feel like a sad parting of ways. You get used to having the project around, and life without it can seem abruptly to be a little empty.

If you’re interested in reading the tale on your Kindle device or software and supporting independent Nottingham creativity, please feel free to explore the links below. If you had time to leave an Amazon review when you’ve finished reading, I’d be over the moon 🙂

Book 1: Orphi and the Shadowpaths

Book 2: The Shadow of the Grey Gargoyle

Book 3: Night Rise

The Shadowpaths website