Broadmarsh subway’s forgotten retail unit

I used the subway yesterday that connects Broadmarsh Bus Station with the Collin Street entrance to Broadmarsh Centre. As I did, I was surprised to see the metal shutter of a long-forgotten retail unit down there was half up, and the door open. I’m not a proper urbexer by any strecth of the imagination, but hate to pass-up a phot opp so  quickly nipped inside and took two snaps. My memories of the pace were hazy, so I tweeted the pictures and a few people got in touch with memories. @NigelBig and @delphscuba remember it as a newsagent, whilst @tracyf1971 thinks it was initially a cob shop, then a newsagent and sweet shop. @Cooperm4n added: ‘I seem to recall that an Asian chap who ran it sadly died in a crash on the M42 about 15 years ago.’

From the pics I guess the Broadmarsh owners store unused ‘point-of-sale’ and shop fittings in there.





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